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AppleCare Protection Plan

I helped my parents research the purchase of a Macintosh computer, and one of the key components of that purchase was the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Here's why.

First, it extends the warranty of your computer for up to three years. So, if you depend on your computer, Apple will do its duty to keep the computer alive during that period.

Second, and this was very important in the case of my parents, it lets you call Apple during that period if you have any questions or problems with the computer.

Apple consistently ranks at or near the top of all personal computer manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction. And purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan is a key element to maximizing your satisfaction with your computer over the first three years of ownership.

Note that, all other things being equal, you gain an advantage by buying your Macintosh computer, all of the Apple software that you need, and all of your peripherals (particularly peripherals manufactured by Apple), AND your AppleCare Protection Plan, ALL IN THE SAME SINGLE PURCHASE!!! That gives you some additional warranty coverage, in some cases, of the peripherals manufactured by Apple, versus if you bought them or your AppleCare Protection Plan in separate purchases. Plus, it gives you the ability to call Apple and get answers over a broader range of questions covering the Apple software and peripherals over the entire length of the AppleCare Protection Plan.

For that and other reasons, look for us to soon add a buying-tip page on how to save money by buying your entire Macintosh computer system from

For AppleCare Product Plan terms and conditions, see AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions and AppleCare FAQs at Apple's web site for more information.

In any case, MAKE ABSOULTELY SURE that the you buy the right AppleCare Protection Plan for the exact model of Macintosh computer that you have. For example, if you have a Mac mini, model number M9859LL/A, then make sure that you buy the plan for that exact model number. Find the appropriate plan for your computer in the list below.

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